About Our Squad

For over 70 years the East Millstone First Aid Squad has proudly, faithfully and professionally provided First Responder Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to our neighbors in Franklin Township, Millstone Boro and the surrounding area.


As First Responders, we serve our community 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We are an  all-volunteer EMS agency, 100% supported by donations. Although our  volunteer members are not paid, they meet the same training  requirements the NJOEMS has for paid services. Since we were established  in 1947 the area we serve has grown tremendously, as has our call  volume. Our dedicated members, despite much personal sacrifice, are  proud to have continuously served our community though the most  difficult times including responding to the 9/11 attacks and, despite  devastating damage to our building, through Hurricanes Floyd, Irene and  Sandy.

We are dispatched by the Franklin Township Police  Department for 911 EMS calls in Franklin Township and Somerset County  Emergency Services Dispatchers for 911 EMS calls in Millstone Boro, and  provide mutual aid to surrounding areas as requested. We are members of  the EMS Council of New Jersey’s Fifth District.

We respond to  more than 600 calls per year, more than half of those during the day. We  put over 10,000 miles per year on our 100% donation paid for  ambulances, and our members are proudly put in over 3,500 hours of  service per year. Each year those numbers increase as our calls for  service keep increasing.

Are you looking for a truly satisfying  way to make a difference in people’s lives when they need it the most?  Do you want to learn the skills to help save lives and know what to do  in an emergency? We are always looking for new members to join us. We have a wonderful group of members and we  participate in numerous community activities.  Our members come from diverse careers, backgrounds and cultures and range from age 16 to retirees. You will develop a sense of belonging that comes from working as a team and make life-long friendships along the way. As Abraham Lincoln said: "Next to creating a life, the finest thing a man can do is save one." click on the Join Now link above or call 732-873-8882.

East Millstone First Aid Squad: 100% Volunteer, 100% Professional, 24/7.    

Our Members Make A Difference!


Neighbor helping neighbor. "Why we do it" is what sets us apart from the paid  services. Our payments are often a hug, a wave at the supermarket, a  heartfelt letter, or in person thanks. It's why we get up in the middle  of the night to help someone. Knowing we helped our friends and  neighbors when they needed it most is incomparably. We invite you to  join us and see for yourself!

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Officers for 2019


Line Officers for 2019

 Chief: Jessica Tobias

Deputy Chief: Jason Onuschak

Captain: Krystal Pender

Lieutenant: David Wakim

Executive Officers for 2019 

President: Marylyn Kampo

Vice President: Christine Van Deursen

Treasurer: Rose Masiello

Secretaries: Donna Umgelter / Vena Shimalla

Trustees: Christine Van Deursen

Trustee: Gary Onka

Trustee: Joe Lesky 

CPR Classes

East Millstone First Aid Squad held a  Community CPR Class at Somerset Run on July 19th. This was a CPR class  where we provide information and actual practice on how to do Hands Only  CPR and use a Defibrillator. Somerset Run has 3 defibrillators in  strategic areas and wanted people to know how to use them. This is our  6th class we have done for them. All in all we have taught this class to  over 120 people in the development.